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The electromyograph is an equipment that identifies, stores and process the electrical signals associated with the muscular activity of any kind and area of the human body.

Thanks to this equipment it is possible, for patients suffering from neuromuscular disorders, particularly for the Amiotrofic Lateral Sclerosis, to identify the suffering signs of the II motoneuron through the study of the peripheral nervous system and recording of the muscular electrical activity, by allowing the clinical neurologist to add an important element in reaching the certain diagnosis of the disorder.

In particular, electromyography is useful for:
• localising the disorder;
• identifying the underlying pathological process;
• characterising the deficiency;
• assessing the seriousness of the deficiency;
• monitoring the course of the disease;
• assessing the efficacy of the possible adopted therapies.

The total cost of this equipment will be about 50,000 Euro, and its use is fort the Centro Clinico Nemo di Milano, presso l’Azienda Ospedaliera Niguarda (Nemo Clinical Centre of Milan, at the Niguarda Hospital Centre). This Centre was established and wished thanks to the cooperation and tenaciousness between AISLA and UILDM, and created for the diagnosis and care of neuromuscular disorders. It is the first concrete model of subsidiarity, with the real aim of ensuring the patient’s overall treatment.

OCTOBER 2009: Transport document and delivery note of the electromyograph

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